Brad (friend of Ms. Laura)

I thank you, the nurses, staff, and employees for the kind attention and care that was given to Ms. Laura during her stay in Arbors at Carroll beginning in March, 2021 and continuing to her passing on December 25, 2021. The various health related issues and challenges that Ms. Laura faced were addressed with compassion and understanding by all those whom she came in contact at Arbors. For that, I am very grateful to them and their efforts in extending healing and comfort to her.

Of special note was the Holiday Dinner in mid-November that actually proved to be a great “boost” to Ms. Laura, and I extend gracious and sincere appreciation.

Thank you for the book, Beyond the Day and the card that was sent to us. Both are greatly appreciated.

May God continue to Bless all of you for the work you do at Arbors.


Brad (friend of Ms. Laura)

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