Jennifer Sheller

Thank you to ALL the staff at the Arbors at Carroll for helping my elderly mom be her best. It is a difficult decision to allow others to care for your loved one. It is obvious that the staff at Arbors at Carroll treat each other like family and work to their very best. Every family has specific concerns for the care of their loved one. For me, it was important that my mom was cared for in a kind, safe, and clean environment. The Arbors at Carroll exceeded my special efforts made to arrange for my mom to attend a weekend event in which I was participating. It helped heal all our hearts.

From the moment we arrived, I felt my entire family was welcome to be a part of the Arbors at Carroll family. I think my mom probably interacted with just about every staff member in the month and a half that she received care. I would hate to leave anyone out by listing names. Honestly, it was the efforts of all that allowed my mom to heal to her best. You are all amazing people! I learned a lot about what it takes to care for the elderly and those with more advanced needs. I made lots of friends and will miss seeing everyone during my daily visits with my mom. Thank you again for welcoming us into your family. We are all better because of all of you!

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